Google Duo, which is in simpler words Google's answer to video calling support on WhatsApp, is now rolling out group video calling for up to eight people globally, while expanding the availability of Data Saving mode - which is designed to automatically limit data usage when you're making video calls through the Google Duo app. Google has also brought the ability to let you send personalised video messages by adding text and emojis. You can also add drawings to your video messages. Additionally, Google Duo has added end-to-end encryption and the option to join or leave a video chat at any particular time. The new changes come just after Google Duo increased group video calling limit from four members to eight. Group video calling i available for both Android and iOS across the world, while initially the experience was limited to a handful of markets, including Brazil, Canada, India, and the US. Google Duo group video calling rollout for up to 8 people Duo's group video c ... Read more »

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As promised last week, NetherRealm Studios has added 60fps support in Mortal Kombat 11's menus, Krypt mode and cinematics, including fatalities and fatal blows. The previous 30fps cap will be removed by default in menus and cinematics, but in Krypt mode you'll have to toggle it on yourself—and the dev team says it's "only recommended on high-end configurations".

Yesterday's patch also included fixes for crashes on launch. Judging by the comments underneath the patch notes, some players are still experiencing crashes, and NetherRealm said it's "working on other similar issues, so we will keep updating the game with fixes for users who report their crashes to us". Some players are seeing bugs in the new 60fps mode, such as mouth animations not working properly when a character talks. Hopefully NetherRealm will be able to address those problems soon.

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Any webmaster worth their salt is constantly reading, watching, and learning more about SEO. Google usually rolls out quite a few big changes throughout each year and while some updates are larger than others, they are all very important to keep up with.

Of course, merely responding to SEO trends and acting after changes have already taken effect is not the most effective way of doing things. Predicting how the face of SEO will look like in the coming months is equally or perhaps even more important than staying in line with the current situation.

So what will SEO look like in 2018?

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On Jan. 18, NASA announced that astronaut Jeanette Epps would not fly, as expected, to the International Space Station in June. The mission would have been historic, since she would have become the first African-American crewmember on the orbiting outpost.

The space agency hasn’t released any information about why Epps was benched from her planned mission, saying only that “these decisions are personnel matters for which NASA doesn’t provide information,” according to NASA spokesperson Brandi Dean. Epps will now work in the Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center and await another possible flight assignment.

The space agency hasn’t released any information about why Epps was benched from her planned mission, saying only that “these decisions are personnel matters for which NASA doesn’t provide information,” according to NASA spokesperson Brandi Dean. Epps will now work in the Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center an ... Read more »

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For as long as Elon Musk has been involved in the tech world, he has demonstrated an almost unrivaled obsession with dreaming big and boldly pursuing initiatives that objectively seem downright crazy at first glance. From his work at SpaceX to his more recent effort to create underground tunnels capable of transporting cars at speeds as high as 125 MPH, Musk, to his great credit, is a man of action.

Still, when you have as many outrageous and ambitious ideas as Musk, not everything can become a reality. That said, the idea that the Model 3 — or any subsequent Tesla vehicle — might one day feature a roof with embedded solar panels has finally been put to rest by Musk. Recall, Musk initially floated the idea of a Model 3 outfitted with solar roof technology late last year, even going so far as to say that Tesla would “probably offer that as an option.”

A few months later, Musk revealed that he decided to scrap the idea. During a speech at the&nb ... Read more »

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Value of digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin hits record high after month of turmoil. According to the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index, the price of bitcoin reached a new high average of $3,525 across global exchanges in the first few days of this week. The surge followed the creation of a spin-off cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash on August 1st. All told, the price of bitcoin has now climbed 250% since the start of the year, rising from just under $1,000 on January first to its new all-time high. The new record high is in part due to relief by many investors in Bitcoin, that the ‘fork’ that created Bitcoin Cash did not cause a market crash as some had feared. What a bitcoin would look like if it was real Fork in the road Bitcoin Cash is the result of software that was devised several years ago as a solution to the cryptocurrency’s scaling problem, which has divided bitcoin power brokers for years. When the currencies split on August 1st, investors rema ... Read more »

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We've already seen artificial intelligence systems trounce human beings at the ancient board game Go, and now computers are winning at multiplayer video games too - the OpenAI engine backed by Elon Musk has been beating the best Dota 2 players in the world championships in the US.

The AI took on three of the best Dota 2 players on the planet and beat them all, having learned the game from scratch through playing itself over and over again and working out the best way forward in any given situation.

According to its makers, the AI bots aren't any better than an average human Dota 2 player in terms of actions-per-minute, but it's the smart choices that the software makes that give it the edge - it can predict where other players will move and improvise new approaches when it gets into tight situations.

... Read more »

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Though we’re a few months removed from the upcoming iPhone 8 release, rumors involving the iPhone 9 have already started trickling in. Presumably referring to Apple’s 2018 iPhone model, a new report from The Korea Economic Daily relays that Apple has tapped LG to be the exclusive battery supplier for the iPhone 9. As the report notes, Apple’s decision here represents a slight departure from the company’s traditional operating strategy. Specifically, Apple often likes to use a multitude of suppliers for various iPhone components, a strategy that helps it secure favorable pricing while also offering a hedge against any unforeseen technical or manufacturing hurdles. Having said that, it’s perhaps possible that the battery performance and design LG is working on is sufficiently impressive as to convince Apple to go all-in with just one supplier. The report adds that the battery on the iPhone 9 will be L-shaped, a design said to have been made in t ... Read more »

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Intel is reportedly planning to introduce 6 core Coffee Lake Core i7 and Core i5 processors for desktops later this year in addition to what will be the company’s very first 6 core mobile parts. Intel’s 8th generation Core series has been subject to a whirlwind of rumors surrounding the product’s availability. We’ve seen multiple report indicating that Intel has delayed these parts to early 2018 only later to learn that it’s been forced to push the launch forward again to combat the new formidable Ryzen products from AMD.

The original second half of 2017 release time-frame for Intel’s 8th generation core series products is still the official one, although earlier reports indicated that Intel could be forced to do yet another quad-core refresh based on Kaby Lake if Coffee Lake is indeed delayed yet again. The latest reports however indicate that the six core parts are back on track and you should be able to see them on shelves later this ye ... Read more »

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Blizzard, best known for their Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo series (who are also responsible for that phenomenon World of Warcraft), has recently announced they are going to cut back support for older Windows-based operating systems. Resource allocation is a real problem; the opportunity cost of having engineers working on ensuring that their most recent updates and recent remasters aren't breaking support for older operating systems always comes at the cost of work on newer OSes. As such, in a blog post on their forums, Blizzard has announced that starting in October of this year, "we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm." They went on to explain this decision, in that "Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time ... Read more »

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