Google Duo, which is in simpler words Google's answer to video calling support on WhatsApp, is now rolling out group video calling for up to eight people globally, while expanding the availability of Data Saving mode - which is designed to automatically limit data usage when you're making video calls through the Google Duo app. Google has also brought the ability to let you send personalised video messages by adding text and emojis. You can also add drawings to your video messages. Additionally, Google Duo has added end-to-end encryption and the option to join or leave a video chat at any particular time. The new changes come just after Google Duo increased group video calling limit from four members to eight. Group video calling i available for both Android and iOS across the world, while initially the experience was limited to a handful of markets, including Brazil, Canada, India, and the US. Google Duo group video calling rollout for up to 8 people Duo's group video c ... Read more »

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In the latest “this could be amazing but no it’s probably not but oh wait yes it might be headline,” reports have surfaced that Apple might be engaged in some top-secret research and acquisitions that will someday enable your iPhone to store your complete medical records. No, they don’t mean that current Health app that tracks your fitness or your activity level, they mean the surgeries you’ve had, the actual results and images from your MRI last year, and more. All data in one place So here’s how “this could be amazing”: You may have the opportunity soon to open an app and find all your health data. It might sound pretty vapid to think that you could “forget” when you saw your doctor last or when your last heart cath procedure was, but it does happen, especially for procedures that don’t happen routinely. So many risks But it also falls into the realm of “but no it’s probably not”: Where do we even ... Read more »

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