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Apple discharges iOS 13.1 beta before iOS 13 is even out

We're only two weeks from September tenth, the day Apple is probably going to declare the iPhone 11 to the world — which means there isn't much time to complete its iOS 13 working framework before dispatch. In any case, consider the possibility that Apple wasn't really intending to complete it by at that point, and will simply concede that iOS 13 isn't finished. That may clarify why the organization discharged a designer beta for iOS 13.1 on Tuesday, and tailed it up today with an open beta too.


It’s not a typo; Apple totally just released a beta of the iPhone’s operating system that’s one-tenth newer than the one you can safely load on an iPhone. Here’s the changelog as proof, which you can also peruse at your leisure. 9to5Mac is tracking the changes that actual users will notice, and so far there aren’t many.

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