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Xiaomi reports new cell phone brand for 'worldwide youngsters

Much like vehicle producers, telephone organizations are beginning to see the incentive in building up numerous halfway independent brands for various socioeconomics. Huawei has Honor, Oppo has OnePlus, etc. Xiaomi discharged the main gadget under its ‘Poco’ image a year ago, and now the organization is building up another division — ‘CC.’

“Xiaomi today reported Mi CC, its new cell phone arrangement under its Mi image,” the organization wrote in a blog entry. “Other than representing camera+camera, a double camera setup on Mi CC, CC likewise alludes to an assortment of implications including chic, cool, bright and imaginative, going for the worldwide youthful age with its stylish plan and camera highlights.”

Xiaomi says Mi CC is “one of the most youthful creation groups in Xiaomi,” with craftsmanship majors probably making up half of the gathering. The organization’s CEO called Mi CC, “a popular cell phone for worldwide youngsters,” which just made me feign exacerbation a couple of times while composing this article.

On a serious note, Xiaomi has a great track record for bringing flagship-level features to budget phones, so there’s a very good chance the Mi CC phones will be great devices. I’m still impatiently waiting for the company to finally bring its phones to the United States, but given the current political climate, that seems far off.

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